Yes it is…. any chance of an upgrade

Suffering jet lag today, never too much fun. We arrived back from our US holiday at 11am yesterday morning, having missed the nights sleep due to the time difference. Luckily I had what I think of as the poor-mans upgrade, in other words an empty plane which meant I had three seats to sleep on (don’t worry so did the MSG, I wasn’t being selfish). Even so with belt buckles digging in, it isn’t that easy.

Now for some reason I always seem to get recognised by Flight Crew. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that they’re comfortable approaching me as they’ve a reason, whereas most people feel shy to say hi; or that they watch a lot of daytime TV. Either way whenever I seem to fly, one of the stewardesses (or stewards) tends to say hi.

This time was no exception, on both legs of the trip. Coming back the stewardess said to me, “it’s you isn’t it?” Now I’ll be honest, I always find this quite amusing, after all…. who else would it be…. normally I’m a wee bit mean and say “depends which me you think it is,” but as I was shattered this time I just said yes. Turns out she was a MoneySaver, which is always fun.

Yet this is my problem…. how come it’s always the people on the airline, why not the people on the airline desk. One day, fingers crossed someone will say “Martin, love the site, let me give you an upgrade”

Ah well, I can hope.

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P.S. Before anyone asks, yes I did book via the Cheap Flight Finding methods and I even re-read my How To Get An Upgrade article before I left but sadly no luck!