Thank you Nectar for listening….

A couple of weeks ago in my weekly email tip I highlighted Nectar’s Summer of Rewards offer allowing half price CDs. It went in the email, which as many of you will know goes to 600,000+ people.

Sadly towards the end of the send out an ‘out of stock’ note came up on getting the CD’s half price. Yet there’s been no obvious indication that this was a limited stock offer before, and the nature of the offer meant that it wasn’t an obvious thing. This left many people missing out.

I spoke to Nectar about this, and expressed my disappointment. Rather nicely it’s come back to me to say it’ll be amending the website to make that more obvious for the rest of the promotion…. and you never know, fingers crossed it may decide to re-do the CD promotion at some stage in the future based on popularity.

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