So Michael Buerk, what’s the manly way to hold a fan?

It’s quite fun to see how the other half live sometimes. I’ve just come back from the Cartier Polo event, the big glam social event of the polo calendar. Rather conveniently my agent also looks after Cartier, so the MSG and I managed to get an invite to a star studded event at Windsor, in the VIP tent with full sit-down celeb ‘Mossiman’ lunch.

Most of the guests were society people, and to be honest I’ve simply no clue who they are. Yet there were also lots of media people, and quite a few newsy types (much more my comfort zone), but Hollywood was represented too with Micha Barton and Juliette Lewis.

At lunch every place had a hand fan on it, not the modern battery powered type, but the old fashioned wave it yourself type. And afterwards, while nipping out to watch the polo (don’t cha know), as it was hot we took it with us. In the stands we sat next to Justin and Colin the TV designers/house makeover experts, who I’ve met many times before and get on well with.

They also independently (through Five TV) know the MSG and were delighted with the gossip that we were together (also they’re setting up a big new online highly resourced home selling site, and I think I may’ve managed to blag MoneySavers some freebies… we’ll see).

However the funniest moment came when discussing how to fan yourself and yet still look manly. Sitting in front was Michael Buerk; and Colin and I were daring each other to ask him – well it’s a wee bit cheeky to ask an award-winning war correspondent and reporting legend, but who better? In the end I braved it (as I’d been talking to his wife about what the cheapest telephone provider was – she’s an 1899 user and I was suggesting using the CallChecker and 18185) and said “Michael you must know, how do you hold a fan like this and look manly?”

He said let me me show you….. took the fan, folded it up and said “YAH!”, at the same time rapidly jabbing it in my stomach (don’t worry it wasn’t hard) then feigning a chop on the back of my neck with it, followed up by “that’s the only way to look manly with a fan.”

Lesson learnt!

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