My girlfriend the Superman film star! Now there’s a holiday surprise.

If someone had told me those words would ever be true….. yet happily they are (well mostly). I’ve just come back from holiday; the MSG and I decided to do a big trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas – 9 days away in the sun, and it was fantastic.

The new Superman film was showing, a couple of weeks before its UK release and as a superhero film nut; and having just watched England lose to Portugal, I dragged the MSG to Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theatre to go watch.

Superb stuff. My worry was the Christopher Reeve films legacy (ignoring III which was funny but not great, and the truly abysmal IV with Nuclearman which should just be wiped from our memories) would be trodden on, yet this film lived up to the genre. In my ranking of the series, Superman II is still the best, but this comes in second, ahead of the original film. My only slight concern is this film reveals Superman and Lois being ‘intimate’, quite how Superman does this without injuring her, I simply don’t understand!

Now onto the MSG. There we are watching a scene in the Daily Planet office, and in the background there’s a TV showing a news channel. Then, suddenly, from no where, the MSG appears on it doing the weather! We truly had no clue about this, the MSG herself didn’t know. From later investigation it seems ITN (who used to produce Five News before Sky took over) sell archive footage. Admittedly most people wouldn’t recognise her, as the TV is very small in the shot, but yes, it is the MSG (there are three weather reports shown, she’s doing one of them).

Incredible, there we are, on holiday, in the Chinese Theatre Hollywood, and there’s the MSG on the big screen with Clerk Kent! Way Hey!

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