My first time at a hen party….. it seems I’m much better looking than Martin Lewis

I’m on the train back from Cardiff, where I’ve been filming for ‘the One programme’ which’ll run every weeknight for a month starting mid-August on BBC1 at 7pm (sadly I’m not on every night, just once a week!). After filming in Stratford yesterday with Nancy who was considering an Equity Release scheme, today it was recycling mobile phones to see how much cash I could get for 10 chicks (as they referred to themselves), celebrating the forthcoming marriage of their friend Tracie.

We were at the luxurious St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff, where I’d stayed the previous night. Though sadly not in the massive suite we were filming in. It was decked out with their ‘pyjama party’ decor, filled with champagne, chocolates, sweets and the like.

The days most bizarre moment was twenty minutes into filming. Gina, one of the chicks, said “do you know who you look like, that financial guy who does all the money stuff on the telly….” and then quickly added “though you’re much better looking than him though.”

I pointed out he was me, but she seemed to mishear and said “it’s uncanny though you really do look like him…. I watch all his stuff you know, the one who tells you about saving money on credit cards, mortgages, phones and stuff”. I again pointed out that it was me to which she said “noooo…. really, I don’t believe it.”

Now this is slightly bamboozling after all it’s one thing for people to be uncertain when they walk past on the street…..

(As I’m typing this out on the computer sitting on the train, rather ironically the guard just said to me “I love your stuff on the telly, can I just ask you a quick question about my debts….”)

yet here we were sitting in a hotel suite, filming with cameras about MoneySaving stuff!

On with the filming which was a lot of fun. A great mix of characters, from Susan whose kids had told her “don’t drink and don’t speak on the telly”…. which she nervously told me on camera with a glass of champagne in her hands, to Michele. Michele is a site user and often on here, though totally separately she’d coordinated the filming with the producers. As a glamorous blonde, she was determined to ensure her elegant nails were pristine and in shot every time the camera passed!

I must remember to go on a hen night again….

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