Competing with the girlfriend? Me in Hello and the missus in OK!

Just seen my face (in fact my face a few years younger, they seem to have used an old photo) smiling out of the pages of Hello! magazine; as I wrote its weekly Comment piece. Actually it’s something I’m quite proud of, to have got the UK’s financial literacy, our attitude to debt and credit, into a mag of this genre really helps widen the audience for the MoneySaving message.

I actually wrote the first incarnation of it a few months ago, and it was on hold until a relevant peg – thankfully the 40th anniversary of credit cards was it – so I rewrote the beginning and bish-bash-bosh.

By coincidence, next week or the week after (these things are always fluid) the MSG will be appearing in the prime competitor OK! mag in a slightly difference context. She’s doing a fashion shoot, where they take someone off the TV, talk about their fashion and take pics of them in the latest schmatte.

Now it’s nice for us both to be in the mags… but sadly for me I think the MSG’s got more options in there for the future. After all it’s possible at some stage in the future the MSG could write a comment piece…. but I certainly can’t see me ever being asked to do the fashion shoot. Ah well 😉

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Addendum 1 August…. just seen the OK with the MSG in, seems they put a pic of us together in too. It was taken the other week as we were walking around the Motorshow. One of the photographers recognised the MSG and asked for a shot… surprised they knew who I was! Normally they just ask me to stand aside.