What is salad?

It may sound a rather bizarre question yet as you’ll see from the phone picture below, the all-you-can-eat place I had lunch in with some of the MoneySaving towers team yesterday defined it as simply tomatoes. This prompted me to ask ‘what is salad?’ Surprisingly it isn’t as easy to define as you think – potato salad, fruit salad, all tend to skew definitions. In the end, we came up with ‘cold food, of at least two types, in bite-size chunks’.

However MSE Dan queried this, pointed out, ‘what about hot chicken and bacon salad?’ Yet I’d argue, in this case it’s the chicken and bacon that’s hot not the salad – thus it doesn’t change the definition.

We decided it has to be bite-size because having originally thought salad ‘must be chopped’, some salads do have whole baby tomatoes or new potatoes in. And it must be two different types of food, because a salad really must be a mix (in other words the restaurant was wrong).

Now I have quite deliberately avoided googling this issue, as it’s more fun to try and do it alone.

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