Does anyone ever think Martyn Lewis is me?

I was being picked up to go film a Tonight with Trevor MacDonald and, as happens quite regularly, the driver said “thought it was for Martyn Lewis”. Of course in speech the difference between the ‘y’ and the ‘i’ isn’t apparent.

As I always do, I replied “it is for Martin Lewis”.

To which (and I wonder if someone feeds them the script) he said “no, I meant the TV presenter Martyn Lewis”, at which point I bite my tongue.

Thankfully this happens a lot less than it used to, and I’ve managed to get over the need to justify my existence. These days, occasionally some of the TV company drivers are actually MoneySavers, which is always fun.

I have to admit, I do secretly hope one day I’ll hear that the former BBC newsreader and Today’s the Day presenter Martyn Lewis, got in a car and someone said “I thought it was for the Money Saving bloke.”

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