The President of Liberia needs my help…. how can I say no?

I feel honoured. I’ve just received an e-mail from “Mrs.Cathrine Taylor,the second wife of Mr.Charles Taylor the former president of Liberia” and shockingly he’s “now under detention at Sierra Leone war crime tribunal.I was with him in the Jeep car at the Nigerian boarder with Cameroon when he was arrested and we were taken to Sierra Leone but I was released later based on the fact that I wasn’t directly involved in the case.Few days after my release,I travelled to London where am now staying as instructed by my husband but under strict survillance by the interpol which has made it impossible for me to move from London to any other place.”

You see rather sadly all “his monies are locked away???, there’s $10,500,000 there, and apparently if I pay just a few thousand pounds I will be able to get this cash released. How can I fail to help when it’s such a sad story, and of course they’ll give me a cut too!

I hope no-one out there isn’t aware this is a good old standard scam. Like most people I get scores of these every day. Yet what’s fun about this one is first of all they actually link to a news story to try and prove it (see it here) and even better the number to call back on is +44 870 XXXXXXX, in other words an 0870 number.

Laugh? I almost hurt myself. Just in case the cash scam doesn’t work they’ve an 0870 number to profit from (read my Saynoto0870 article) if you don’t know why that’s bad.

You’ve got to give them credit for trying! Actually on second thoughts, the worst thing you should do is give them any credit at all!

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