OK, enough nagging I’ll tell you what Alison Hammond did to me on a plane!

In a blog a few weeks ago (read it here) I said to remind me to write what Alison Hammond did to me on a plane a couple of years ago. Well, like elephants MoneySavers don’t forget and I’ve read chat forum posts and had emails about it, so here goes.

I was flying to Edinburgh (from memory), to do some filming, and saw Alison on the packed plane. Once in the air I went to speak to her, as we know each other from This Morning and always got on well.

There I am standing up by her aisle seat, talking to her, when the air hostess needed to walk past with the trolley. Politely I said, “I’ll go and stand in that gap up there”, but Alison loudly replied, “don’t be so silly”, then swung her arm round, scooped me up, and sat me on her knee!

Now those who watched Alison on Celebrity Fit Club will know she is a larger lady, but you may not realise she’s also tall, taller than me I think (I’m 5’11). So much to the great amusement of everyone else on the plane, I sat there, looking like a six year old, swinging my legs while the hostess walked past.

There you go – story told!

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