Location, Location, Location: pick the pud company!

Finally I wholeheartedly agree with Kirstie and Phil. Nope this isn’t about their recent ‘buy to let’ programme, which I have to say seemed to far too strongly plug ‘going for it’ in a time where the risk factor behind such an investment is high. No, it’s much more about the location of MoneySaving Towers.

You see our office is now conveniently located along the corridor from Gu, the maker of luxury puddings. And just after lunch today, one of their team popped in with a lovely big, chocolate, orangey, almondy thing on a plate saying “we’re taste testing some of our range next door, we’ve finished with this one and thought it would be a shame for it to go to waste.”

Think of pigeons pouncing on rotting worms and you’ve got the scene. Now needless to say, I demurely hung back… ut hmmm, but somehow managed to grab the biggest slice…. and it was fantastic – well worth trying (don’t ask me what it was called). You see… location, location, location!

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