Is it wrong to be a munter?

When writing last week’s email (,29052,) about the Great ‘Ways To Save Water’ Hunt, when saying I wasn’t planning to have a bath, I’d written “don’t worry I’m not a smelly munter, I’ll still shower.”

When checking the tip before sending, it suddenly occurred to me – what is a munter? My view is it’s an ugly person, but then it’s not in the dictionary, and the dictionary of slang defined it as a ‘very, very, very ugly woman’. So is munter a taboo word? It’s very difficult to work out. Of course I don’t want to offend anyone, it’s there to use nice fun language. In the end I played safe and switched it for minger, made famous by last year’s Big Brother – that at least can be cross-gender – though I still think munter sounded better.

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