Happy Birthday To You, no You, no You, surely You!

Happy Birthday to the MSG! Her birthday’s on 10 May, the day after mine – in other words I’m a day older (ut hmm!). This ‘one day apart’ birthday is a rather strange phenomenon. As we’ve been going out less than a year, it’s the first time we’ve shared birthday time – and with both birthdays butting up against each other it becomes a bit like Christmas; we’re both buying prezzies, and receiving cards and good wishes at the same time. Rather strange!

In the end we settled on going on for dinner late on the evening of the 9th, so it overlapped onto the 10th, as a joint birthday do. Funnily enough I was more excited about her birthday than mine; well I’ve had 33 of them before, whereas it’s my first ‘MSG birthday!’

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