Urinating standing up or get x36 zoom binoculars…It’s amazing what you get in the Sunday papers!

Is it just me? When the Sunday Papers arrive do you just grab those little advertising magazine inserts with all the strange and ‘innovative’ products. I can’t help it, there’s just a fascination behind it and it’s very useful reading in the ‘boys library room’.

I must admit, even as the MSE, I’m strangely drawn to exciting sounding stuff which I’d never use. I’ve never succumbed to such instincts I hasten to add, but it sure does sound sexy….

My favourites this weekend were the “Hanoptik 12-36 x 70 Super Zoom Binoculars for a very special £39.99″….thirty six time zoom…WOW! Except what would I use them for, I live in central London, don’t want to stalk my neighbours and bird watching doesn’t interest me?….but still, 36 times zoom! Wow!

Next I read how to brighten up my garden with the chirpy looking cricket band, each one plays a musical instrument…these were slightly easier to resist as a.) I don’t have a garden and b.) well, they were insect ornaments. I then bypassed the shower radio (I’ve just been given a great one enabling me to listen to Radio 5 in the mornings) and scanned through the rest, neatly sidestepping the laser level tape measure (I never measure things…but what a great gadget) until reaching the end of the mag.

Sadly this week I didn’t manage to spot any ‘stand up urinating devices for women’ (though I found one on the web for those who want to see it). However I’m sure they’ll be there to greet me another day.

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