Never a prophet you shall be in your own home!

I’ve just read this on the forums, by poster Mountain of Debt, “What amazes me though is that I’ve been telling my mum about the tips I’ve picked up from this site but it was only when she saw Martin on the TV show at tea time did she listen. Obviously Martin on the flesh has more influence than I do telling her the same things in the flesh!”

You think that’s bad… let me tell you a story about my Dad. I remember about six months after starting my Sunday Express column (I’d already been an MSE for 2 years at Simply Money, and a money journalist for 4 years before that but that was my first newspaper column) I’d just done a mammoth piece of research into Healthcare Cashback Plans, and I called my dad up to suggest he got one (and which one to get) for him, my step-mum and little (currently 11 years old) sister.

He couldn’t be bothered. About two months later he calls me and asks “do you know anything about these healthcare cashback plans, one of my friends has just been suggesting I should get one?” His friend was suggesting exactly the same as me, and I knew I was the only person who’d done a full cross market comparison. So I asked Dad to find out where his friend had heard about it…. and…. well you’ve guessed….. yep she’d read my Sunday Express column.

So telling Dad directly – not interested, but one of his friends reads it, and suddenly it’s real.

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