Milton Jones is a very very funny man

I went to a comedy night tonight. Among the acts was Milton Jones, a comedian I last saw on the circuit about 8 years ago. Weird hair, staccato jokes and just very, very funny from the bizarre “I was upset when I saw a dead baby ghost on the side of the road tonight…… either that or it was an old hanky” to “I was detained without trial, forced to wear bright orange, continually asked stupid questions…. I really wish I’d never worked in Homebase!”

OK they’re not even a fraction as good in writing as hearing them, so do go see him.

Sadly whilst out we realised the Audience with Coronation Street that the MSG and I had been to was on the TV (see past blog) so there was no chance to watch. However the MoMSG (mother of the MSG) called her afterwards to say we’d been on together at the beginning, which the MSG is very excited about as it’s very romantic so I’m told…… 😉

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