Finally I’ve made up for my Korean mistake

I had an amazing year at 21. I was General Secretary (President) of LSE Students’ Union, and was invited to the United Nations World Youth Conference in Seoul as one of the UK representatives. It was an amazing time, but whilst there I did something I’ve regretted ever since.

The conference was held in the Olympic village (at the same time as the Miss World Universities conference, and there are some stories about that too… but I digress) and was an amazing experience, debating with people from all over the world, being treated like diplomats, incredible! Afterwards I joined a group of Europeans, Australians, North and South Americans to take a few days in Seoul. One evening everyone decided to have traditional Korean fare, yet being a picky eater, disgracefully I avoided it and went and found a KFC instead, waiting ’till the others had finished their’s.

The worst bit is these days Asian cuisine is my favourite. Sushi and Sashimi are a staple food for me, I eat them probably two or three nights a week and give me a Thai Pad See Eiw (I hope I’ve spelt it right) any day. So last night, while looking for a place to eat for a night out with the MSG, we spotted a Korean restaurant in central London and I decided to repent my culinary sins.

The starters were a bit rough. Kimchi is the famous dish (spicy pickled cabbage in what looked like a chilli sauce), but it was too much for me; as the MSG commented “it looks like something out of the bodyworks exhibition!??? However the main courses were different, the mix of flavours fantastic. The Sweet and Sour much more vinegary than a Chinese version and the better for it. The honey sauce for the BBQ was wonderful, and the noodles clean and crisp.

Overall it was yum, and the price wasn’t too bad either, much cheaper than getting on the plane to Seoul again anyway.

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