Weather World!

Imagine being in a room full of weather people – very strange!

Last night I went to a special screening of the new Nicholas Cage film ‘The Weather Man’, as the MSG’s main role is as a weather presenter. Having stepped inside, all the weather people were called together for a photo-shoot, at which point I was officially appointed ‘weather folk coat holder’. I waited in the background holding both the MSG’s and some other people’s coats (barring Michael Fish who took his own through) while they posed for the photos.

Then it was screening time. It was in a special room at a swanky Soho hotel. As for the film itself, I’ve got to be honest I wasn’t impressed. Far too depressing for my taste and nowhere near pacey enough – then again you can’t exactly walk out of a special screening when one of the actors is sitting in front of you (it was the ‘son’ from the film, he was also in ‘About a boy’).

It wasn’t all bad though, there were a few laugh out loud moments. Perhaps the one with the most resonance for me was the scene with two viewers dissecting the weather man’s performance while watching it at home. I think the phrase was “he’s an asshole” – and this they decided after just a minute watching it. Let’s be honest it’s what everyone does, and as I know from reading chat forum feedback (some here but mostly elsewhere) people can be very cruel when you’re on telly – public property and all that.

Afterwards there were nibbles and drinks and weather people wandering around gossiping. Thankfully the MSG is a weather presenter not a meteorologist so we weren’t involved in the weather talk. Lucky really. I know more about the price of umbrellas than whether to use them!

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