£3.99 for all you can eat pizza – bargain?

I was rather surprised over the weekend to see a Pizza Hut advert proclaiming ‘now every day is an all you can eat pizza day at a bargain price of £3.99’, in other words they’ve now extended their midweek offer to the weekend.

On first glance this does seem an extremely cheap price. Of course it doesn’t include soft drinks which massively add to the overall price, and of course it’s unlikely that if you have pizza you’ll not have a drink especially if you’re there with kids. Of course though, good MoneySavers may well be ordering tap water.

More importantly though, you actually have to question what’s on offer. Now I’m no Pizza snob, while the MSG likes big vegetable laden stone-baked ‘real quality pizza’, give me big, chunky and processed any day. In fact whilst I rarely recommend based on personal preferences, there’s nothing like a Domino’s pizza especially with the onion and garlic dip.

And while Pizza Hut pizza is also quite yummy, is it me or does the buffet pizza never quite seem to be the same quality? It may well be me suffering from retail snobbery, thinking that because it’s cheaper it can’t be as good, but I’m not sure. Even so £3.99 is a bargain price for pizza, though perhaps it’s still expensive for a thick piece of bread with cheese and tomato on top!

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