Having a go at George Galloway on the Wright Stuff, very scary indeed!

I’ve literally just come off air at the Wright Stuff. Today’s guest panellist (I’m on for the week) was George Galloway MP. The final discussion part of the show was “Was George Galloway right to go on Big Brother?” My view is he was totally irresponsible and let down the political process for doing so. Throughout the programme I debated how harshly I was going to say it.

When it came – I let go full steam saying “irresponsible, depressing, disappointing. Like Neil Hamilton you made me lose faith in the political process” and much more. I must admit my heart was beating double speed. While I’m very used to having a rant on TV, to have a rant “about someone” directly to their face is a difficult thing to do and I find it unpleasant. However sometimes you get the chance to say what you think, and as someone who believes in the UK democracy – and the political process – and that MPs are there to represent us and our vote while Parliament is in session, I thought it was time to say something.

Interestingly the audience and callers were of the same view. The first caller said “I think it’s great you went in the BB house. I’ve never learnt so much about a politician. What a manipulative, duplicitous person you are.” Then a lady who voted for George as she lives in Bethnal Green spoke, saying how he’d embarrassed himself and that she wouldn’t even have a cup of coffee with him. As she was speaking at one point she looked at me for support. I gave her a nod (off camera) and she carried on. An interesting day indeed. Now I need a coffee!

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