Why do you get your haircut here… you’re on the telly?

I had my haircut today, at one of the Mr. Toppers in Central London on my way to a meeting. It cost £6. After it’d finished a man who recognised me said “Why do you get your haircut here… you’re on the telly?”

It made me realise my job may seem an interesting contradiction. On the one hand I’m on the TV so I should be in designer clothes, swish car and top barbers. On the other I’m a Money Saving Expert, so I should be getting the best value of each. Actually I don’t think there is such a contradiction. I buy best value, or try to, as all MoneySavers do.

For me as I have my hair cut roughly every two weeks (the roughly applies to how often, not to my hair cuts!), I think it’s good value to have a regular cheap trim rather than a six weekly expensive cut (no jokes about how I’m still getting poor value per individual hair please!)

I drive my Smart car, as it’s great to park and economical, though I must admit to being tempted at times to get a flashier model (my girlfriend has a much more glam car than me, which is a treat to go in), but the Smart in my eyes is still pretty cool.

In a way there’s no inherent paradox here. MoneySaving, as I always say, is about cutting the bills, not cutting back. So cheap barbers here I stay.

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