When will people learn this is an ad free site? Time for a nasty reply

I get fed up with small companies desperate to try and flog their wares on the site. The latest was sent through to my agent, which is the wrong place to start with.

Here’s a rough, cut down version:

“Please find attached a partnership pack, detailing what a partnership would entail and an example of the variations of the appearance of contextual adverts. This will cost you no money, we will be paying you to render our advertisers on your site (the amount paid to you is negotiable at point of agreement). The advertisers will be relevant to the theme of your page and can be completed customized to suit your site. You will also have total control over who appears on your site. This is a great opportunity for you to generate revenue from your website, www.moneysavingexpert.com, and could be suitable for any other sites you may have.

Our home page is mirago.co.uk and an example of a site that we are working with is… please have a look around these and you should find all the relevant information you need.

Please contact me etc.

Kindest Regards etc???

So here was my reply. Must say I felt better after sending it:


I’ve just read the email to my agent, I’m not sure which bit of the following sentence about contacting my agent, i.e. “Please do not use them as general contacts. These contacts are not to be used to send press releases or information about products (see the above)” or which bit of the phrase which appears on every page of the site “Free to use and Free of ads” you didn’t quite understand.

I thought the following link may be helpful… click this

All the best,


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