OK I admit it – I went to see myself on the tube….

I’ve been conspicuously avoiding tube travel at the moment as my publisher has put cross- platform ads for the book at about 80 stations! (More Details). Yet of course I couldn’t resist going for a peek at it. So on Sunday night (the quiet time), just after 9pm we went. I’d wrapped a scarf around my chin (purely for the cold obviously) and as it was the weekend, I wasn’t actually wearing a stripy shirt (shock… horror).

Luckily the westbound train just left as we descended , meaning it was a very empty platform. So, sneaking on, we walked down to the far side and hey presto there I was. What a strange experience! The poster was uncannily life-sized. It hadn’t been designed that way, I actually thought it would be bigger than life. So I stood near, quickly had my picture taken and then snuck back upstairs, without even a soul seeing!!!!

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