It’s funny who you meet… Alvin how are you?

I’m sitting here in the BBC’s Broadcasting House. As is the rigmarole for anyone with a mainstream book, you spend a day in what’s called GNS being plugged through to scores of different local/regional radio stations doing interviews about the book, from one to the next.

Having done this a couple of times before I always know to expect to meet interesting people. And who’s the first to walk in….? Alvin Hall, plugging his new book. Now Alvin and I of course know each other having worked together before, but it is of course a little bit bizarre as in a way we’re plugging competitor books.

However, it’s always fun to get together as he is the most amazing raconteur. It’s interesting what you talk about. One idea we did have that’d be interesting is why not do a programme together with me doing ‘pain-free savings’ about product changing and system beating and Alvin doing pain-full about managing your relationships and your personal impulses, in a way the best of both worlds… we may well meet for a lunch to come up with something and then see if someone wants to do it.

Also around today are Claire Sweeny and her publicist Jackie Gill for her new workout DVD Perfect Fit (looking great), Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis’s sister) with her daughter and a few other people who were carrying books with them but I didn’t recognise.

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