How to impress the women when you’re out shopping

It was sales shopping weekend for me this weekend. I’ve been waiting to buy stuff for my house and was fortunate enough to manage to persuade my girlfriend to come with me, for the sake of style (she has it, I don’t).

Now this is a new relationship, so I am of course still on best, trying to impress, behaviour. Rather scarily she has almost finished reading the Money Diet and thus her MoneySaving skills are already being honed.

So now the test…. we’re in John Lewis, not my favourite shop normally, but good sale prices and not bad for home furnishings. The new light now chosen, already heavily discounted, I asked if the sales assistant would throw in some spare bulbs. He said no, at which point she’d nipped off to grab the halogen bulbs she needed for her own home.

Hastily using my own “chutzpah” ruling on how to haggle, I stepped up to the sales person (who thankfully didn’t know what my job is) and said “look, I really need you to throw in the bulbs. I’m going to look a fool in front of this beautiful woman I’ve brought with me, can you help at all?”

Once in the queue, now together with all bulbs, he walked up to us took both my spares and hers, and said “OK, I said I’ll throw them in, let me take those too”. And promptly took both sets so they were unpaid for.

Now let me tell you chaps, it worked a treat. I had an impressed lady discussing how “I never knew you could do that!” and she promptly asked for a discount in the next shop we were in and blagged 10%.

Who says MoneySaving isn’t sexy?

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