3 shows in one day and I’m tired

I’m knackered. It’s nearly 5 o’clock and I’m sitting in the green room at the Richard Hammond show waiting to go on. It’s been a tiring day. I was picked up at 7 to do the Wright Stuff on Five. Great fun to do.

The panel was Anne Diamond, Dr. Mark and I was the guest panellist. It’s quite funny to be talking ‘non-money’ and reminded me a lot of my student politics days.

The scary bit was that part four was about ‘kinky sex’ and the three of us were panicked Matthew was going to ask ‘what kinky sex do you like?’ After all you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Plus my new girlfriend and grandma were watching. Thankfully I managed to keep my head down (no jokes please) and got through it. It seems they quite liked me as they’ve now asked me if I’ll do a week on the panel, which sounds fun, so it’ll be sometime in Feb.

Then there was lunchtime news. It was actually recorded last week, but I only just got back to the office in time to turn it on and cringe (I always do whenever I see myself). And now here to do two slots (the same as I usually do but split into two). Cross your fingers for me it goes well. Off to the studio now…

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