Putting a bit of slap on the site

As you’ll see from today there’s a new logo at the top of the site. Now this isn’t a redesign, in some ways it’s a bit of a cheat. All we’ve done is swapped the images that were there – which enables a speedy cosmetic makeover. A proper redesign is planned for next year, but it’s a whopping job.

The reason for the quick touch up is because of Make Me Rich. Many new people (hopefully) will start to become MoneySavers, so it was important that people should be able to more clearly identify me on the site (lots of you have said the old pic doesn’t look like me). Also as the links from the ITV.com/money website will be going to the articles page not the home page, it’s important people clearly identify where they are.

I hope you like the changes. Funnily enough it looks as if we’ve given more space to the logos, actually it’s exactly the same size, it just looks bigger.

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