Make Me Rich On Air At Last

So yesterday I watched the first Make Me Rich. Funnily enough I was nervous. Not the being on telly, that’s my job. Yet this is obviously a very important step for me. I watched it in the bar/restaurant which serves the office complex MoneySaving towers is in. Champagne was opened and about 30 people were there to watch on the big screen (not bad for a Thurs mid-afternoon).

The group was interesting. Some friends, some fellow journalists, some contacts. It was nerve wracking to watch. Afterwards it was very funny. Most of the production team of Radio 4 Moneybox were there, and they started asking questions and feeding back on the programme. At one stage it felt like doing a media studies seminar on the programme, with me and Cat, the Executive producer answering questions. Overall thankfully the feedback was very good, they liked it.

For me it was strange to watch the whole show. Actually it’s funny because the first episode is perhaps not so reflective of the series as a whole. In eight of the programmes I don’t do ‘pain-full’ as it’s not necessary. I also think both me and the production team get much better during the series and some of the later ones will be much more enjoyable – so please keep watching

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