Life’s exciting at the moment, but boy am I exhausted

Just finished a series of meetings this afternoon. Rather excited that after Make Me Rich ends, I’m going to be on a new ITV series that starts in January. I can’t tell you too much as I’m not sure how much of it is public, but it’s a magazine type programme and I’ll be doing a weekly slot for them.

It’s quite strange, someone said to me the other day “you’re becoming an overnight success”. I nearly spluttered out my cranberry juice. Six years, 80 hours a week to get here, working gradually up the system – from Simply Money to Open House with Gloria to This Morning to Tonight with Trevor and then to my own series. Yet people always associate you with where they found you first.

That of course ignores this site too, which without doubt is a. the best thing I ever did b. the thing I’m most proud of and c. the most powerful medium for helping people take on companies that I’ve been involved in.

It’s all very good at the moment, though rather intimidating to see what 2006 holds. The big problem is fatigue. I haven’t really stopped for about 6 months, working weekdays and weekends, and my energy levels are gradually starting to drop. I’ve got a ten day break from 21 December, (I’ll be flying west to the sun) which I hope will recharge my batteries.

When it’s good it’s good, but boy it doesn’t stop!

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