It’s not fun being a multi-millionaire!

The Guardian this week wrote a profile of me (see here for my comments). In it, it mentioned that this site commercially was worth £30m-£40m and as you know I own 100% of it. Now before you get excited, let me relay the entire conversation to you.

“Martin, ITV just bought Friends Reunited for £175 million, Moneysupermarket is worth around £800 million, how much is your site worth?” My answer: “I suspect if I went fully commercial and dropped the ethical stance, and the fact I only ever link to best product regardless of finance it’d probably be worth £20 to £30 million, however that’s not what I’m about.”

Now you see, this sadly means I of course don’t have anything like that cash and never will. The site isn’t fully commercial and I don’t have anything even remotely resembling that much cash. Yet once it’s been in the paper….

I was out on Saturday night to a friend’s birthday and then on elsewhere. At both places friends of friends I didn’t know came up to me and said something like “saw the guardian today, looks like all the drinks are on you! Hmmpf!

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