Bestseller woes

Just had some disappointing news. Rather annoyingly there’s been a problem with the counting of the sales of the Money Diet. Funnily enough exactly the same thing happened the first time and I thought we had a handle on it. None of the sales from Amazon have been counted in the first week due to a technical problem. The vast majority of the book’s sales are Amazon and Play – Play never counts in the lists, but Amazon should do. However they forgot to take the pre-order tag off.

This means my debut listing is much lower than expected, not close to the top 10. The figures will be added in next week, the problem being the competition gets much more fierce in the run up to Christmas, so I won’t come in as high in the charts as I’d expected. In a normal week the sales I’ve got would put me number 1 or 2 in the non-fiction bestsellers list. Because of when it counts I’m going to do well to get in at number 5. Rather disappointing and annoying!

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