UK Music Hall of Fame… MICHAEL JOHNSON and a naked fruit woman

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Channel 4 UK Music Hall of Fame and after-show party. It was an amazing bash; Alanis Morrisette singing Bob Dylan, the Pretenders singing the Kinks, New Order singing themselves, Ozzy singing with the original Black Sabbath line-up, Slash doing Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young interviewing Ozzy.

Music aficionados would’ve been in seventh heaven. Yet for me, as someone who doesn’t really listen to music, I was more impressed with seeing one of my all time heroes Michael Johnson. I still remember watching live as he broke the 200m world record so impressively. I spotted him in the reception beforehand and was pointing out to Barbara (the friend I was there with) that’s Michael Johnson. Sadly she was more interested in the music and film people…. shame. I even tried pointing Geoff Hurst out to her… but she’s Italian so that didn’t work either!

The after-show party wasn’t bad either. The strangest thing was a table full of great fruit, yet at the back was a naked woman lying there covered in strawberries and berries to be eaten. It was most bizarre….. I had a kiwi. It does make you wonder if there’s a graduate training scheme for naked fruit table women. If there is I’ve never seen it. Anyway I took the following pic with my phone, just for you folks!

Naked Fruit Woman

After that it was some very strong cocktails, some dancing, watching Vernon Kaye and Kelly Osbourne dance just by was fun as was seeing Slash surrounded by women while nonchalantly smoking…..

And today…. ouch my head hurts

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