Talking Tax with Three Celebs in School Uniform

What a bizarre morning. Spent my time in a primary school in North London with a mortar board and gown testing three celebs about tax for Tonight with Trevor. Twas an interesting time actually. There was Meg Johnson from Emmerdale, Richard Arnold from GM-TV and Jacqui Clune from UK Living and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. They were all in white shirts, blazers and pants (no stockings or suspenders thankfully).

Anyway some interesting answers. This was no super-tax test, just the basics; how much do you need to earn to be a higher rate taxpayer?; if you earned average income over a lifetime at current tax and NI rates how much would you pay?; when is the self-assessment paper deadline?; what’s the inheritance tax threshold?; what is capital gains tax?; and many more….

The strange thing was being dressed like that in the school, then having to supervise as they played jump-rope with a group of 9 year olds…. funny job innit?

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