MAKE ME RICH! The Final Countdown

Wow, I’ve just realised that’s it for filming Make Me Rich. Still the voiceovers to do and many of the programmes are still to be edited by the producers and approved by the powers that be at ITV. Yet in many ways the mainstay is now over. Currently the transmission starts on December 12th and runs for 7 days, then is on again in January (though it changes week to week).

It took a long time for me to get my own series yet making it has been both emotional, tiring and stamina draining. I hope the end result will be worth it in an educational, sometimes moving, always informative fun programme. To be honest I don’t yet know, I know what I did – but will that work for a series? You’ll have to let me know, once it’s on.

In some ways it’s an anticlimax. Ultimately my hope is it will be re-commissioned, and I dream of it moving to prime time TV. What I do tends to focus on families where there’s someone working and with income, so in many ways it works for a prime time audience. Then again I bet every presenter believes that of their programme.

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