From MoneySaving King to Loser in 2 minutes and a wheel clamp!

I was feeling smug. With a range of new shirts needed for work, having ventured into Ted Baker, I discovered some very nice products, (which of course a. I would use b. were worth it and c. I couldn’t find cheaper anywhere else following my own mantra). I tried to haggle.

The chap serving me said “sorry I can’t give you a discount. The manager and area manager are in today and I’d lose my job”. So I suggested he bring the area manager over. At £80 each these shirts weren’t cheap (but are for special telly appearances) and I needed three. So I asked the AM, if I buy three can I have a discount? He said no. So I said I’d buy just the one. A bit of posturing later and I got the three for 25% off – saving £60. Hoorah!

Then I walked back to my car. NOOOOOOOOO. A clamp! The devils had clamped my car. I was on a single yellow line on a Sunday afternoon! It seems I’d not noticed on the other side of the street it said 20 minutes loading only. So my £60 discount was soon swallowed up by a £115 parking fine. Naff Naff Naff…

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