A Fantastic New Year’s Party – wooh hoo (writing this a wee bit the worse for wear)

It’s 1.30 am. I’ve just got home from the 2005 end of year TV’s Greatest Moment Awards presented by Jonathan Ross. The programme goes out on New Years Eve. Now I need to be careful not to tell you the winners as that’s naughty. However I’ve just had a fantastic evening, and to be honest am writing this a wee bit drunk (lots of free champagne)

It was an invited celeb audience, and me. In my row, on my left was Nina Hossain from ITV news and her boyfriend. I went with my friend Barbara (Channel 5 News), and on our right was Thomas Craig who played Tommy Harris in Coronation Street with his girlfriend who is a MoneySavingExpert.com user (and had a great laugh with him at the after show party)

Actually I met quite a few of them tonight – including Mark Wingett (aka Jim Carver of The Bill) who’s another site user – which was top fun. Lots and lots of celeb spotting, but that’s easy. What surprises me as a wee money expert is how friendly everyone was, even when they didn’t have a clue who you are. I tend to know the news and current affairs lot, but the actors were also very cool.

Then it was time to hit the dance floor, one of my favourite things. As I know you like the gossip I was dancing with my friend Barbara, then the very beautiful and sweet Lara Lewington the Channel 5 weather presenter, Jennie Bond for a bit, and then with Nicola Bryant who’s a great dancer. It was only later I realised Nicola had been one of the Doctor Who assistants. She was Perpugilliam Brown alongside Peter Davison.

However the highlight of the night for me (ignoring more salacious gossip) without reservation was seeing Dennis Taylor dance with his Strictly Come Dancing partner Izabela Hannah who is both gorgeous, elegant and divine. I was brave enough to ask her to dance. Now long time regulars may know that dancing is actually my sport, I used to dance about 14 hours a week, and still try and do four or five hours a week now. Partner dancing is my thing.

It was absolutely incredible, she moved like an angel (and chaps can I say, both looked like one and being lucky enough to have her in my arms dancing felt a bit like one too) and we managed to dance for three songs, with a nice clear space on the floor, everyone looking round. Her comment “wow you really need to come on SCD, you’re a fantastic dancer” fairly made my night.

Good night

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