X-Factor I don’t know why, but I love it!

I feel like standing up and saying “My name’s Martin Lewis and I’m an X-factor-aholic”. I have to say I find the whole thing ridiculously gripping. It’s great water-cooler TV. This week I thought the sad teaming up of Louis and Sharon totally ridiculous. The poor 4tune got knocked out (and I mean poor both with sympathy and as a review of their performance) in favour of the overly nasal Shaniiiiiiiii – yet it was all really about the politics.

I would like at this point to draw a parallel between X-factor and people’s finances. Unfortunately I can’t think of one – I dont understand why I can’t go out on a Sat night until I’ve seen it (I record the results show), but there it is. So I shall simply have to grin and bear it – though I still can’t face dialling a premium rate number to vote!

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