Watch Star-spell next week, and why you won’t see me on it!

I think I may have written about this before but I’ve just watched a trail for this on BBC1 and it reminded me. I remember getting the call from my agent to be on it. Fear….. my legs were so shaky I thought I was on the washing machine! The problem, as regular readers of the site will know, is I can’t spell. Never could. It’s why I became a broadcaster in the first place.

So there you go. High profile event on BBC1. Star-spell…. great profile, good for the career, but what if, as was likely, I misspell something very very easy (remember everything you read on the site, including this, goes through someone else these days before it’s published, hence there are less errors).

How does that impact my credibility? People thinking I’m stoopid, doesn’t really help the whole MoneySaving mission I’m on. The funny thing is while being good with numbers and money, and being able to spell are vastly different things, I simply poo’d m’pants at the idea (and yes I often use too many apostrophe’s too) and said no, m’reputation would’ve been down the pan.

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