now UK’s number 2 overall Money site

I’m a stats junky (at one stage of my childhood I could name every World, British and European athletics record!). One of my favourite things is to watch the growth of this site using the Alexa Toolbar.

This shows me any site I visit’s worldwide ranking ie. how many sites are bigger than that one worldwide (very useful for working out how legitimate a site is). Well I’m very chuffed now has just moved up to be the 4,114th biggest in the world.

While this number mightn’t sound significant, it is. That’s because it means we’ve overtaken which for years has been the biggest investment/personal finance website in the UK.

I like the Motley Fool, especially for its investment stuff, and there is some overlap with this site. It has a very good ‘livingbelowyourmeans’ chat board – though I’m slightly less enamoured by its ‘fool emails’ which often are simply adverts. Anyway I digress.

MoneySavingExpert has been the biggest independent personal finance only website for a while now, but this means it’s now the second biggest independent overall Money site.

The current number one is which is ranked 3,696 in the world. It’s not much like MSE as it’s primarily a stocks and shares site though my hope is it won’t be long before this site overtakes that too.

In many ways I see it as a real vindication that a community-led site can be so big and a real lesson to all those fully commercial sites (all the other sites mentioned plus moneyexpert, moneyextra, moneysupermarket etc) that you don’t have to push for profit to be big.

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