Moneyexpert may be a big fat hairy chicken!

My inbox’s been jammed with e-mails about TV ads for a “” website. Many have said “how can they do that?”. Sadly, I’ve checked and the site has been registered for a long time, since before I started this one. Though it wasn’t up and running when I started this site, it has been going for quite a while now. I’ve occasionally tracked its traffic on the days I’ve been on telly or radio. It must sometimes smile at the traffic boost it gets.

My worry is that people confuse it with this one. While you may think click Moneyexpert and like this link, you’ll hit to this site – actuall money expert is a commercial comparison site. I’m not a big fan, as, if it’s comparison sites you want there are better out there – and comparisons often aren’t the right way to go, it depends on the circumstance.

As for compared to this site, it isn’t a patch on the depth and range of information here, nor is it anywhere near as big. Yet this is confusing for people, and there’s little I can do.

However, I thought you’d appreciate the (absolutely unprompted) email I got from my 11 year old sister when she saw the advert. Of course she’s wrong, it didn’t take my name and do forgive the 11 year old text speak, but still..

“hi i woz gonna send this to money expert but dad told me 2 send it u
write bak nd tell me if i can.

hi “money expert”
i hear your a money expert. if your a moneyexpert then why do you have to be
so pants in taking someone elses name. don’t your so ‘clever’ you know
what i’m talking about. You took the name money SAVING expert’s name. if you
don’t stop this, i’ll i’ll ummmmmmmmmm…….i don’t know but i’ll think of
something. anyway if you want to make a website that works and peeps like
then you need to think of your own name. ye.
pleez write back otherwise your a great big fat hairy chicken. AND i’ll eat

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