Make Me Rich 14: It all adds up and up and up (plus Rolf Harris)

It’s 10.30pm on the train back from Welwyn having got to do a Rolf Harris impression on the telly. Sadly I didn’t use the beard and glasses, though I suspect I’d have been almost unmistakable for him if I had (ut hmm). Cross your fingers Debbie, the series producer, leaves it in!

Now on to the day. A good one over all with a lovely family, the Claytons, with two very cute little boys. Their aim is to move to Australia (Helen is Australian, hence Rolf) in a couple of years and my task was to put their financial house in order to help that happen.

There were a couple of sizeable savings today, but this was more a case of ‘the whole kit and kaboodle’; credit cards, current accounts, food shopping, medicines, nursery vouchers, life assurance, savings accounts, DVD buying, holidays, overseas currency, Tesco vouchers and more. It was all about softly softly catchee monkey and all the little savings added.

I don’t think I’ve done a Make Me Rich yet that better advertises taking a day off work to sort out your products, even if you don’t think they’re bad. Hope it comes across on the telly – we’ll all have to wait and see 🙂

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