Make Me Rich 11: By far the toughest yet

What a day! On the train back from Sutton Coldfield and Steve and Julies’ house. They were my nightmare (a great couple, but my nightmare), not because their finances were awful, but the opposite. Julie is a MoneySaver. She gets the freebies, she’s a good tart, she follows the info and she budgets to the penny, in cash. Steve is a bright man who understands his finance.

The problem? How on earth do you save MoneySavers’ cash? The mortgage was an uh urrrr (think Family Fortunes), credit cards – pretty close to being an uhh urrrr. It was creep and save, and push and save time. Desperately trying to get the target up and maintain my reputation!

Overall a fun day though. They’re a fiesty pair, combative, and opinionated, a great thing for telly and interesting people. It’s the first time in the series I’ve been told “nahhh – can’t be bothered to do that” which makes a nice change. It’s a realistic attitude that many people have and in some ways the greatest challenge to MoneySaving.

The day’s over though. Should be an interesting programme to watch. You have to remember I spent a full (12 hour) day there, but it’s only 23 minutes of TV all in all – so I have as little idea as you what it’ll look like (unless you’re name’s Matt and you’re the producer reading this, in which case you’ve got much more idea than me!)

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