I’m really not an early riser…..

Thought this transcript of a call I’ve just had may amuse you.

Ringing phone…

Voice: Hi can I speak to Martin Lewis please?

Me: Speaking

Voice: Hi, I’m a producer at BBC Breakfast News working with Declan Curry

Me: Do say hello to Declan for me, we used to work together. Tell him we should grab a drink it’s been a while

Voice: Will do. I’m calling you about a story tomorrow that says most people under 40 overrestimate what they will earn in their lifetimes and we’re looking for a personal finance guru…

Me: Let me stop you there. There are two key questions… when and where are you talking?

Voice It’s the ten to seven sl….

Me: Ok then, thats a no. Ten to seven, no chance I’m a late boy

Voice: Oh, ok then,

Then usual pleasantries and bye bye.

I am a majorly late riser. I normally get up at 9am, but work through until two or three in the morning, that’s my way. Ten to seven is the middle of the night for me – ugh – horrid thought!

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