Cartier, Kylie and Me…..

Sadly TV MoneySavingExperts aren’t in high demand for the celeb party circuit, yet last night my agent invited me to the launch of the new jewellery collection for Cartier at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. Not that I’m into jewellery, especially such costly fare, but these things are always interesting to go to…. and the Bellinis and networking are fun.

Luckily my bestest buddy Babs – Barbara Serra from Channel 5 News (see my past blog My best mate’s on the telly) was invited too so we went together. Straight in I bumped into Rosie Millard, who I’ve worked with a number of times (see past blogs: When I met Rosie!, Hmmm, TV can be frustrating and Rosie Millard’s becoming a MoneySaver). It’s always nice to see her, she’s very entertaining and lovely. I’m never that comfortable at these very posh dos, so being with Babs and Rosie certainly helped.

We went for a trundle around the jewellery, with Barbara hinting that if I really was such a good friend, I should buy her a nice red ruby necklace. Needless to say the phrase “MoneySavingExpert” and “£150,000 necklace” don’t go that well together – though I did suggest that if she ever gets married I may buy her a Cartier toothpick as a wedding gift.

Then the big star spot. Standing around and I recognised the cute, bubbly long haired woman in the corner. KYLIE KYLIE KYLIE. How do you start a conversation with Kylie? (Answers on a postcard please). Sadly I just walked past and smiled.

Brendan (web manager) suggested this morning I should’ve said “by the way my web manager is from the same town in Australia as you” but I think that may’ve been just a tad naff.

Anyway all in all a nice evening, though I must admit I did feel a little bit guilty, having scoffed a load of canapes, that after all that high-end glamour Barbara and I went to get a Subway sandwich afterwards!

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