You’re much better looking than that Martin Lewis bloke

For those on the chat forum who keep starting these, ‘do you know who Martin looks like?’ threads – I would like to state here and now I look like me.

I DO NOT resemble Evan Davies (BBC Econ Editor), Phil Spencer (Location, Location, Location), Jude Law (OK no one actually said it, but thought I’d throw it in there) or Steve Thingy (last year’s X-Factor winner who’s name I can’t remember – but is probably the least worst of those suggested).

The Phil Spencer is the worst, I’ve had people come up to me on the street and say “excuse me, aren’t you……. that guy from Location, Location, Location?” I don’t see the resemblance myself (I’ve got more hair!) though I think it’s more the “seen you on the telly, can’t place you thing”.

My favourite of these was the rather attractive woman who came up to me in a nightclub and said “do you know who you really look like?”

“No” says I expecting John Prescott or something horrible.

“That money saving guy, Martin Lewis” says she and then proceeded to tell me that I was much better looking than him though!

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