“Orange is committed to providing excellent customer service”….. my arse

Forgive the language. But the stupidity is huge. I’ve just returned from the lunchtime news. This afternoon due to a faulty handset, I’m expecting a new handset; the delivery time of 1 till 5.

How are you expected to be in one place for the whole time? They came to MoneySaving towers, at 1.05, I returned at 1.10. They refused to leave the handset because they wanted to collect the old one.

So at 1.10 I called Orange – “can you get the chap back, he’s probably still in the building”. The reply “No Sir, we can’t, we don’t talk to the delivery company.” I explained how ludicrous it was, and that every second meant increased cost and hassle for me and them. Yet no, still no change.

So ‘may I arrange a new delivery” I conceeded, and having to spend £13 on-top. “No, Sir, not untill I get a delivery failure report”. The best thing of all this, when you call orange and are on hold it says “Orange are committed to providing excellent customer service”…. yes and my name is Tiara Noodlenose!

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