Naughty Naughty Mr. Vine and what a wonderful MoneySaver….

I’m so pleased Jeremy admitted his poor MoneySaving on Radio 2 today. I had thought of doing a blog when this happened but decided against it (didn’t want to upset him).

I was in Manchester visiting my father when he called my mobile “help, I’ve had a guy at my door promising to save me cash. I’ve signed up for that and the phone”. Frankly I was flabbergasted (and flibbergosted) after all those programmes hadn’t he learned anything? Luckily the one time he’d been away and the lovely Kirsty Young presented was the day we did utilities.

Anyway I persuaded him not to do it and explained how to check who’s cheapest (see utilities section). And today on the radio he admitted it and I gave him a wee telling off (also got him to save money on his mortgage – about a grand a year. He’s made the call and it’s happening so he can’t be too upset!) (see Free Guide to Remortgaging)

While I’m here, a huge thanks to the MoneySaver who called the programme and said how I’d saved her money on laser eye surgery. The fact she mentioned the email means lots of people signed up so I’m really pleased. I’m not actually supposed to mention the website on Radio 2. They’re allowed to say where I’m from, but I can’t plug it, which is frustrating sometimes – especially with things like MOTs, callchecker, flightchecker, credit card shuffle etc – where the info simply doesn’t exist in any form anywhere else. So when people call up and say things like that it’s a relief.

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