My thighs are killing me and my hands are shaky

Went to an event last night, and I’ve woken up this morning with my thighs killing me. There was this bucking bull thing there you see and I am ferociously competitive, always have been, it’s often my downfall.

Anyway once I learned it was a competition, that was it. Unlike most people I asked what it was being judged on – ‘style, how long you stay on, and the level you ride’. So unlike most double hand rope holders, I gripped with my right and left the left up in the air as a counter-balance.

What a bonanza, needless to say, there I was after a couple of goes, on the top level, riding away. Whilst other people seemed to be enjoying themselves on it, I had stoney face and grunted so not to fall off. At the end of the evening, I was presented with the bottle of JD as the prize. In triumph talking to a few well-wishers, holding the bottle, my grip (now red raw due to the one hand technique, and shaking due to the strain) failed me and the JD was smashed – from victory to defeat in such a short time.

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