Make Me Rich: Telly trickery makes me look unsecure and crumpled cash

TV makes you do some funny things. When I drive up in the ‘Make Me Rich Smart Car’ often I have the window open. This is so the camera can see me clearly for the shot. Then I’m supposed to get out of the car, yet not close the window. It always annoys me as I turn round and lock the car but with the window open – people watching may think “stupid boy!!!!”

The other secret I’ll let you into is crumpled cash. Part of the programme involves putting ‘Martin’s Money’ (see earlier blog) into a special piggy bank. Yet often we don’t film in the same chronology as it’ll be shown (for various reasons such as light, and order etc). This means after the money’s first gone in the transparent piggy bank, we have to be careful that people won’t go “hold on wasn’t there more/less there before?”. Thus as soon as we’ve done the first one, lots of the notes are scrumpled up….. and then placed in piggy. That way the viewer has no way to work out how much is actually in it.

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