Make Me Rich 9: Forget Loyalty!

I’m sitting in the back of a people carrier being driven from Stockport to Nuneaton. It’s 9.45pm and I’ve just finished filming Make Me Rich 9. Tomorrow it’s Make Me Rich 10 – and I’m shattered. Hope the energy is enough to take me through.

Today was an interesting day. Lovely couple, reasonably wealthy, but with manifoldly disorganised finances. To be honest it was a bit staggering at first, as David, the father, who looks after the money is a clever chap. Yet he struggles from what I tend to think of as a generational lag ‘loyalty’. They’ve been with the same mortgage provider since 1991, same home insurer too, don’t change bank, use BT for phone – you get the picture. In many ways it’s hands-rubbing in glee time, as the savings of course mount up in such a situation.

I find it interesting why people are loyal. Often it’s a comfort zone thing…… better to be safe and overpay with what you know than to risk doing something different. Yet with some reading and some research, you can get yourselves out of that zone and start to take companies on…. exactly what we did today.

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